Rich Kid Sound System "A Little Bit of Time"

Rich+Kid+soundsystem Rich Kid Sound System "A Little Bit of Time"

Rich Kid Sound System “A Little Bit of Time”
This right here is the start of something great…Rich Kid Sound System is four dudes from South Florida who have formed a band with a bright, bright,  future. This is their first single and it features electronic dance beats and singing on the hook, but their lead vocalist Q can also tear up the beat with some lyrical flow…Electronic/indie/dance/hiphop…sheeeeeeeeit, were gonna have come up with a new name for this genre that we’ve seen so many other artists exploring

After you bump this tune you’ll realize these guys are legit, but its kinda wild how unknown they are…Can’t find a single pic of these guys, their FB page has only 350 fans…If they keep putting out tracks of this quality they wont be unknown for much longer…

Not sure about you, but I get fired up about finding new artists before there career takes off, and watching their career progress…We’ll be sure to keep you posted on these guys Homepage Share

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