MellowHype – Yellow/White (Free Mixtape Download)

mh MellowHype   Yellow/White (Free Mixtape Download)

Damn OFWGKTA rolls deep! The more time I spend listening to these guys the more I realize how limitless their potential is. Somehow we missed Yellow/White when it dropped last Spring, but better late in posting than never. MellowHype consists of Odd Future members Hodgy Beats and Left Brain who are much more laid back than Tyler, the Creator (whos is also featured on the tape), but just as talented.

While Tyler is undeniably the face of their movement, Hodgy Beats may actually be more talented as a rapper. Listen to his flow on “RokRok” and “CocainKeys” to see what I’m talking about. His voice also kind of reminds me of Lupe.

Left Brain, the other dude in the group with the super low voice, also has some great verses on this tape and is a great contrast to Hodgy. Left Brain also did most of the production on the tape that features some really pshycadelic and interesting beats. Take a listen to “ElephunkCircus”, “IntoxicatedDreams”, and “Polyurthane” below.

If you are a fan of Tyler, the Creator or Frank Ocean, but don’t know too much about the rest of OFWGKTA, listen to the Yellow/White and hear a different and more laid back style of music.

Download: MellowHype – Yellow White (Free Mixtape)

Download: MellowHype – “ElephunkCircus”

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Download: MellowHype – “Polyurthane”

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Download: MellowHype – “RokRok”

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Download:: MellowHype – “CocainKeys”

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Download: MellowHype – “IntoxicatedDreams”

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  1. Anonymous
    06th Mar 2011

    I think it's original how they made all of their songs sound the same…-_- smfh

  2. Anonymous
    06th Mar 2011



  3. Anonymous
    06th Mar 2011

    Idk how to download it :/, any1 know how?

  4. 06th Mar 2011

    before the mp3 players, there's a link that reads 'Download: MellowHype – Yellow White (Free Mixtape)' – click that to be directed to zshare for the download.

    Or, you can download through datpiff –