Dylan Owen – Keep Your Friends Close (Mixtape Download)

keep your friends close Dylan Owen   Keep Your Friends Close (Mixtape Download)

2011 was a successful year for Cornell rapper Dylan Owen as he continued to perfect his sound and expand his fanbase. The moves he made left his fans (both new and old) eager to hear what his newest free tape Keep Your Friends Close would bring. From the singles we’ve heard already, it was safe to assume that Owen’s sticking to his musical roots – relatively simple instrumentals accompanied by a complex flow, deeply interwoven lyricism, catchy choruses, and an overall organic and sentimental feel. If that’s what we can expect from KYFC then buckle up, this is gonna be one helluva ride.

Here’s where the wait ends. It’s Sunday, January 22nd – KYFC day. All of our patience has finally paid off as our ears are slowly caressed by the sweet sounds hidden behind the play button below. Honestly I don’t even know why you’re still reading this… you should be knee deep in some Dylan Owen already. Stream and download below.

Download: Dylan Owen – Keep Your Friends Close (Mixtape)


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