Treasure Fingers – VTT Interview / "Black, White, & Blue Remix" (MP3 Stream / Interview)

Treasure+Fingers Treasure Fingers   VTT Interview / "Black, White, & Blue Remix" (MP3 Stream / Interview)
We had the pleasure of cathching up with Treasure Fingers after his trip down to Miami for Winter Music Conference and his first time officially playing Ultra Music Festival as Treasure Fingers. Check out the interview and this recent LadyHawke remix of “Black, White, & Blue” and some of the tracks on his soundcloud page

How was your experience playing down in Miami for WMC and being one of the up-and-comers to play Ultra Music festival? 
I’ve been coming to Miami and playing at WMC and Ultra for years, but this was the first year on the Ultra line-up as “Treasure Fingers”. It was a really busy this year and maybe the most gigs I’ve ever had in such a short time. It’s cool to play a wide variety of different types of parties, sometimes in the span of one day. 
Do you enjoy playing bigger festivals or smaller, intimate shows? What’s lined up for the summer tour schedule?
I actually prefer intimate nightclub shows, but being out in the open air on a huge sound system is amazing also. I’m not touring heavy this summer, just doing some select one-off shows, festivals, & Ibizi for a bit. I’ll mostly just be working in the studio on some new material. 
How did you get into producing music? Who influences your music and what did you grow up on?
I grew up playing in bands and learning different musical instruments, but got into producing after my dad taught me to use a drum machine and a 4-track recorder. My main electronic influences early on were Squarepusher, Aphex Twin, Tricky, Autchre, all the weirder left field stuff. I just wanted to grasp how all those sounds were made and sequenced together so well. 
Did Atlanta help your influence your sound at all? Have you gotten the chance to rock venues like MJQ or King Plow at all or have you been wanting to go back and tear it up around your old stomping grounds? 
I didn’t move to Atlanta until I was 21 or 22, so it wasn’t too influential to me aside from getting me fully addicted to southern rap. I’ve played MJQ and King Plow and almost every other venue in town. It’s always fun playing in ATL and having a bunch of old friends turn up. 

I love all of the artists repping Fool’s Gold right now. It was dope to check you guys out during SXSW. How did you hook up with them?
I had a few mutual friends w/ Nick Catchdubs and A-trak, but nothing fully formed with them until A-trak messaged me on Myspace back in 2007 I think? He told me about Fools’ Gold and said they were looking to sign some new music and they really liked Cross The Dancefloor. The label was crushing it back then, and still is, so I’m really glad to be aboard. 
From blogs to digital downloads and live shows, where do you see music heading? Do you like the new model of music distribution or maybe that there is no model? 
Oh I think there’s definitely a new model evolving. I fully embrace any new technology and try to find the best way to utilize it to reach fans better, so I think the easier it is for people to find new music, the better off it will be for artists in the end. I will say that most money these days is made from touring and live shows, so I feel bad for the small percentage of producers who don’t DJ or tour at all. It’s very hard to make a living solely on selling music to consumers these days. 
What do you have coming out in 2012, any new projects or collaborations?
I have a new single collaboration with Codes coming out this summer called “Blowing Up (Feat. Amy Douglas)”, then a collaboration EP with Codes with 2 more new tracks, and another collaboration EP with Malente. I’ve been working on some new solo music as well but no release plans are set right now.

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