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Easter Meaning

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Easter meaning to a Christian Church goer means the most important celebration as it depicts the resurrection of Christ, the head of the church.

Easter Date

Easter date is usually fixed between March 21 and April 25 of every year. And usually fixed on a first Sunday after the first full moon!

Easter Monday marks the last day of Easter celebrations.

Sunday was probably the biggest day in the Calendar of Every Christian out there because even though Christ’s Resurrection took place on Sunday (Easter Sunday), it is believed he returned to earth on Easter Monday

It is generally believed that Jesus after his resurrection, spent some 40 days on earth and during this time, he appeared to his followers, healed the sick and in these prove the fact that he is the son of God!

Is Easter Monday a Holiday?

While Easter Monday is mostly marked a holiday in most places, there is need for you to be sure before you assume especially if you are a migrant living outside your country or migrated to other cities with a different belief.

Easter Monday is often regarded a Holiday because it marks the beginning of the bright week and also regarded as Renewal Monday specially by folks in Eastern Orthodox church.

Another set of believers that observe holidays on Easter Monday is the Roman Catholics. They refer to it as the Easter Octave. It is the day when faithfuls play with Easter eggs, Baptisms also take place on this day

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If your Question is If Easter Monday is a holiday, then based on Most acceptable belief, i would say “Yes” but this may not be the case if you find yourself in a Muslim dominated location or country

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