Things to watch out for with any VPN provider

Things to look out for in any vpn provider

When looking for a VPN provider, you should be aware that you trust a third party for the security of your Internet connection. In other words, your VPN provider is the only one who knows your activities on the web. It is therefore very important to understand how the VPN works thus, the following are things to watch out for with any vpn provider.

Servers and location

A good VPN provider should have many servers located in different countries. So make sure that the VPN provider you are considering acquiring has many servers and that you can connect from the location of your choice.

Also make sure that your VPN provider ensures that its servers are always available so that you can connect at any time.


Number of devices that can be connected simultaneously

VPN providers limit the number of devices that can be connected simultaneously. So pay attention to the number of devices allowed by the VPN provider.


If you want to connect more than one device, you can find good VPN providers that can offer a simultaneous connection to a maximum of 6 devices.




OpenVPN is a strong encryption option available in the most secure virtual private networks. It makes your traffic appear as standard, highly secure HTTPS traffic.


Always look for this feature with VPN providers.


Please note that the OpenVPN feature is only available in the desktop version of most VPN applications. The mobile version of the VPN application uses the L2TP/IPsec protocol, which is less secure than the desktop version of the application. The reason is simply that OpenVPN, which is the strongest encryption option for VPNs, is only included in the desktop version of VPN applications.

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No activity log Policy


As mentioned above, the use of a VPN means that you entrust to a third party all your activities on the Internet.


A privacy-conscious VPN provider will not keep a log of your activities. So be careful with this feature at any VPN provider.


If your VPN provider keeps your activity log, the government can force the company to provide your activity log and you can be prosecuted if an illegal item is discovered after analyzing your activity log.


For added security, make sure your VPN provider does not keep your activity log.


Kill Switch

Another key element to look for is the Kill Switch. This is a feature that automatically disconnects you from the internet whenever you lose VPN connection.


The advantage of a Kill Switch is that it covers your tracks every time you lose the connection with your VPN.


No bandwidth throttling


Bandwidth bottlenecks can slow down your Internet speed and limit your downloads. I know you don’t want that.


Go for a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with unlimited bandwidth and no speed limits, in order to enjoy all the benefits of such a network.


Anonymous payment method


Almost all payment methods are accepted by VPN providers. Through your purchase history, you can be tracked and identified.


VPN providers that offer an anonymous payment method using encryption (e.g. bitcoin) are more privacy conscious than those that offer a credit card/PayPal payment method.


Jurisdiction of the VPN provider

The jurisdiction of any VPN provider determines how your data is processed. The government may require any VPN provider under its jurisdiction to provide your activity log. You must therefore ensure that the jurisdiction is respectful of privacy.

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Security measures


Now that you know what a VPN is and why you need one, you need to take the following security measures:


Get a VPN

Log in to your VPN at any time to access a restricted website or content, for example Netflix

Connect to your VPN when using public Wi-Fi

Connect to your VPN if you want your online activities to be safe from prying eyes


Finally, a VPN alone cannot provide you with total online security, as it is only concerned with encrypting your Internet traffic and unblocking geo-restricted sites/content. You will need to install an antivirus program in your device to detect and prevent malware from infecting your device.





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